Daniel Fandino

Showtime Marketing

The goal of this project is to create a marketing strategy in order to gain more traffic to the TV Network Showtime and maintain the current viewers. 

My creative marketing strategy (campaign) was to use strong creative digital media such as images and short clips on social media platforms in order to create excitement or "hype" for the network's TV programming. This will make viewers want to share the content using the "share" function within a social media platform such as Instagram. The content must be appealing to the eye and relate. For example using the show Shameless which is about a family that is very unconventional I wanted to create short clips showing one of the actors do something bizarre. 

Additionally, while the social media platform approach will help bring in new viewers the old customers need something new in order to remain interested. Rebranding the network's ID, end-page, and show open would create a feeling of "refresh" keeping the old viewers entertained. 

To start this project off I wanted to get more information about what Showtime consists of and what they are all about. The research I went hunting for showed me many elements of "The Brief". It showed me the target audience, the message and mood/objective Showtime wants the viewers to experience. With that information I was able to list out bullets and write a short essay on information I gathered (essay and list on upper right). 

Secondly, I wanted to brainstorm to put some random and rough idea's on the table. The mind map on the right helped me explore ideas that I believed to relate to Showtime. 


NEXT / I created 3 concepts and 5 style-frames of the rebrand as shown below.

This helped me start creating storyboards to get an idea of the direction I want to go for the rebrand. Below is the pitch I used in order to show my idea in a presentation setting. Included will display storyboards, typography choices, color options, etc.