Daniel Fandino
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I am Daniel Fandino and I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta with a major in Motion Media Design (B.F.A.). In addition, I have knowledge in Digital Media/Marketing and currently learning User Experience (UX Design). I was born in London, England and later moved to Spain then to the United States. During my spare time I love to play and watch soccer, work on fitness, read, write, and create content. It all started about seven years ago watching YouTube tutorials to create graphics such as signatures, banners, avatars, and posters. Using forums to display graphics for feedback I decided to create my own forum for users to use to show their work. Digital content has always been an interest of mine due to the important connection it has with marketing. In addition I had an interest to bring digital content to life using motion. After high school I wanted to pursue a college education doing something I had an interest for. I explored the majors and saw what Motion Media Design consisted of and felt passionate about it. Areas I have explored during my education are 3D modeling, animation, and photography. I bring an open mind to each of my projects. My work is unique and textural. My inspiration and what my work communicates is having elegance with a fun touch. Learning new information with my inspirations drives me to the next project.